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All these real stories but names are changed. These were written a few years ago from original sources. The content is scribbled and not edited- Writer

The wise says in his heart, 'there is God...'
Aravind was an atheist and kept telling himself that there is no God. He had seen a Jesus Film video show. The nailing of Jesus on the cross really touched his mind as well as heart. “Those who are heavy laden come unto me, I will give you rest…” These words began to melt his hard heart. He acknowledged God and accepted His son who died for him. He is attending a prayer group now.

Caste is no bar..
In another village in Bellary, a video show was conducted in the house of a Lingayath family. People form different caste backgrounds assembled in that home to watch the story of Jesus.
Siva Reddy had severe back pain. But he too came along with others. He watched how Jesus healed people. He shared his problem with the tem and they prayed for him. He is attending the prayer group now. Of course with out any pain!

Right in time to see a life saved
In a village during the follow up several weeks after a film show, four people believed in Jesus Christ and took baptism. These new believers were facing a lot of problem in the village but the pastor was able to encourage them with the word of God. Ningapa, one among them was depressed due to some problem in the family and was about to commit suicide. The team members were informed about this and they visited him right at the moment. Ningappa changed his mind and is happy now. He shares his testimony to other villagers.

A bus conductor drove his whole family…
Unni was a private bus conductor and belonged to a traditional Hindu family. As his bus plied between Palai and Kottayam and as he gave tickets to the people and collected money from them, he was struggling to smile in life. He could not see solutions to many of the problems and crisis he went through. He had no peace in his life and was planning to end his life some day. Thank God, that he prolonged his plan.
He happened to see Jesus Film and the JF worker visited him in his home. After listening to the gospel they shared, he committed his life and the problems to the Lord. Unni found new life in Jesus and the peace and happiness it brought.
Mural began to pray and work towards the salvation of his family. As a result his wife, parents and four daughters of his brother got saved and joined a church after taking baptism.

From trees of burden to the tree of blessing
Chandran in Kottayam, was finding a way for meeting both ends meet. He had taken some rubber trees for slaughter tapping. But these trees, instead of becoming a source of income doubled his debts. Hard pressed with financial strain he was planning for the ending of life along with the whole family.
Our film team was visiting that area. Chandran and the family came to watch the film for an entertainment. But this turned to be the beginning of a New Hope for them. The tree on the Calvary hill brought them blessings. During the house visiting by the team, they committed their life to the Lord. Their home became the roofs for some more people to gather for a gospel meeting. Chandran and his whole family are active members of a nearby church.

Wholesome healing to the heart
Gautham Gowda, a villager invited the film team for a dinner at his home. After the dinner, he told them about his wife who was suffering from a heart disease. She asked them to do some magic for her to be healed. What all they could tell her? They asked her if she was willing to believe in Jesus and accept Him. She did and the team prayed for her.
She was healed of her sickness and Gautham Gowda too believed in Jesus. Now there is a regular prayer meeting is going on at their home.

Escaped from Death
Sheela was a Hindu housewife and lived in Chickmangalore with her husband and two children. She was met by one of the Jesus Film follow up supervisor. Believing in Jesus she started to pray to Jesus and read the Bible. But her husband and brother in law were against her change of faith. But she continued to pray to Jesus.
Once, her husband tried to kill her by hanging. She was shouting in loud voice and calling the name “Jesus”. She was slipped of the knot and survived. After this incident, her sister in law too believed in Jesus. There were witchcraft and magic against them in the home. Please pray for this family and their total deliverance.
People are healed of ill health and delivered from demons and death and the ministry of the Holy Spirit moves on.
Kanaka who had stomach pain for several years in spite of much treatment and Lalitha who had a sick eye were healed and believed in Jesus and are attending church in their respective places.
According to the doctors, a native of Avaneeswaram had to undergo a heart surgery. When the Jesus Film team members prayed along with the group, the Lord healed him completely.
Papibai who was sinking heard the gospel and believed in Jesus before she died.

Free from sin and freedom from jail
Murali fell in love with a girl and married her in spite of the opposition from her parents. Problems mounted one after the other and the marriage broke. Finally Murali ended up in jail.
Murali was a Hindu and now he is in lock up. But these are no way limitations for the gospel. The Jesus Film team in Karnataka, had visited the jail and screened the film for the convicts and inmates. Murali heard the gospel personally from the team. They told him that the Lord could deliver him from sin and even from the jail. He prayed with them in that jail, to accept Jesus in to his life. The next day was his day of trial. The judge found him innocent and he was released.

Murali met the Jesus Film team again. They taught him more about Christ and the Bible and advised him to go to a church regularly. Murali writes to us saying that he is happy and peaceful.

The Lord blesses the crop too
The Lord sees the desires of the heart and honours simple and genuine faith. He reveals to people in different ways.
The Jesus Film team showed the film in a village called in Karnataka. One of the women who had seen the film had a real question in her mind.
“Jesus has been doing many miracles in the film. Is he able to do a miracle that our crops will grow well?” She was bold enough to approach the team with this question.
They told her that, if she put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he is even able to do a miracle in her life too. Eventually she surrendered her life to the lord. The team asked her to attend the church regularly. For the following three weeks, they attended the church with faith. The team prayed for her family and of course for their agriculture. In the coming weeks, they could see the difference in their field. They had taken baptism and are very active in the church.

Those who seek, find
Lakshmi Devi had been following all the customs, rituals and practices she learned in her home. Neither these nor the multitudes of gods and goddesses of her faith, could give any worth to her life. Eventually she became and atheist. But she was no fool just to hold on to say that there is no God.

It was during this time, the Jesus Film workers arrived in her village and showed the film. Lakshmi too watched the film. Knowing that there is God who lives and loves her too, by dying on the cross, she accepted Christ into her life.

Rema also attended the seekers conference which was arranged in her village later. She became an active member of the New Life Group and lately, she has taken baptism and joined a church of that area.

The Carpenter who Met the Master Carpenter
In the month of May, the film team had shown Jesus Film in one of the villages in Malappuram. During the later part of the film, it rained. All the people had run away from the scene. But in that pouring rain, two people stayed back to help the team packing up the machines. One of them was a Hindu by name Naguswami and the other a Roman Catholic. After they packed up, the Christian left. But Swaminadhan stayed on and walked together with the team on the way back.

Naguswami was a carpenter. As he made friend with wood and tools, the job brought him a reasonable income. But he was struggling hard to bring up his family and come up in life. Since he was a Hindu he did not know much about the carpenter who worked on the wood and finally died on a wooden cross.

As the team carried the luggage and walked, they learned more about Naguswami. They slowly came to know that he was interested in knowing more about Jesus. They straight walked into his house along with him and on his request prayed for his family.
Late in the night, they left that home with plans to go back.

They visited his home on the next day. This friendship gave way for further visits. Using the 4 spiritual Laws, they shared the gospel to them. The Lord had already prepared that family and that’s why He sent Naguswami.

Naguswami, his mother, wife and the three children, all of them received Christ in to their lives as their savior and lord. Their home also became the venue for a new New Life Group which meet on every Sunday by 6.00 in the evening.

Naguswami and his family need to know more and grow in their salvation. Pray that they will be rooted in the Word of God.

Writtten by Philipose Vaidyar

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